About us

Come, Experience the wonder of nature in a real setting ofAfrican wildness where you meet and explore the  true wild; the hunters and the hunted, Birds and many other gifts of  nature found in our land. Come, see and learn our true  African(Traditional) life, different cultures and for business our  Investment Safari Package where we present the Tanzania land of Business Opportunities to you and with our other safari programs that will host  you through a strategically planned tour to fulfill your desire, from  the moment of your landing to when you take off.
We make tailored  safaris that will suit you best,just the way you want it whether you  want it a one person experience, a couple or a group, we will do just  best for you, we actually listen to what you want, your interest, your  budget, your available time and from that we use our experience and  expertise to evaluate and finally present to you suggestions on the very best options suiting your position and then from you comes the final  safari plan.


Irene Mathew, owner of Papagei Tours

Safaris for dialysis patients

We cooperate with the specialists for safaris with medical accompaniment.
This gives us the opportunity to offer this service for the first time in Tanzania.
Our guests receive first class service for their safari and medical care. This close cooperation ensures your safety comprehensively.
The preparations have to be coordinated with the medical department.
We will then receive detailed information and the type of preparation,
so that our guests can enjoy the best service and the best medical care.
Here is the website of our partner: www.health-care-safari.com

Only the best possible service satisfies our guests
and remember with pleasure their journey with us.
We are also very pleased that our guests recommend us to others.

We have been standing for this for years!

    Why Us

Customer Service. Two words, one notion.

At Papagei Tours, this is what drives our business. We strive to deliver it, from the  moment you make your first enquiry to the moment
you wave goodbye at the airport


Our Guides, guides are crucial to the success of  any safari.

After all, these are the people who will spend every day  with you, looking after your safety, your comfort and taking care of  everything for you.


Value, We believe in the value and our objective is to deliver it, to all our travelers, on every trip, no matter how long  or short it might be, irrespective of which category you choose.


f  course, -value- is different to price. We cannot guarantee that you  won`t find a cheaper trip, but we would be very surprised if you found a trip that provides better value.


  • Our Vehicles, we own a fleet of custom-built Land  Cruisers, renowned for being sturdy and adaptable, able to handle the  roughest terrain. But owning the right vehicles is just part of the  story because maintaining and servicing them is just as important when  it comes to ensuring that our travelers can travel safely and securely  out in the bush. Radios, heavy-duty wheels, first-aid kits, extra fuel  tanks are all fitted for your safety; pop-up hatches, cushioned seats,  armrests are provided ensuring your comfort..