Climbing Mountain


Mount Kilimanjaro

A dream come true - to climb the highest and most famous summit in Tanzania.Mount Kilimanjaro is nearly 6000 meters above sea level.

You do not have to be an experienced climber to reach its peak.To reach the summit, you must be healthy and with a good physical condition, strong with strength and a little bit of luck.

All you really need is the enthusiasm - we do the rest.

Mount Meru

Mount Meru is the fifth highest mountain on the African continent and the second highest in Tanzania.He dominates the Arusha National Park with its huge cliffs.The mountain is often used as a warm-up hike in preparation for Kilimanjaro.However, the technical requirements are more spectacular on Mount Meru than on the Kilimanjaro Routes.On the four-day Trekkingtour you can see more than likely giraffes, buffaloes, antelopes and baboons.This is why a park ranger accompanies you for your safety.


Ol Doinyo Lengai

The 2890 m high Ol Doinyo Lengai is located in the north of Tanzania in the East African Grabensystem.About 120 km from Arusha, it is located directly on the 400 m high steep edge of the western steil of the East African Rift.

For the Massai, the holy volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai (the "mountain of God")  is the creation and residence of their god Engai, who protects the  people and their flocks, and sometimes also demonstrates them with their ashes explosions.