Uhuru Peak

Gruppe über der Vegetation

Porters zu Baranco

Gruppe an einem Felsen steigend

Baranco wall



Gruppe mit Guide



Glacier near Uhuru Peak

Tents mit Schnee

Kibo camp

Uhuru Peak mit Gruppe


Baranco camp

In der Wand

To the  Barafu camp

Gruppe am Gletscher

Short before Uhuru Peak


The way  to Uhuru Peak

Frau mit Guide im Schnee1



Uhuru Peak - you reached the peak

Moorland Zone

In den Büschen

A trip to Mount Kilimanjaro is an exploration, not just a climb. For something, the appeal is simple: it is the highest mountain on earth, the summit of which is accessible without any technical skills or experience to any dedicated stroller. It may be that a wellprepared city dweller is able to reach 'the roof of Africa'. This is the charm of the highest freestanding mountain in the world.

Transfer-to-the-Kilimanjaro-National-ParkStarting point to gather  the group


Each walker is confronted with a personal risk, and the proportions are high, however, heights are unpredictable. No measure of preparation can guarantee success.

The only certainty is that anyone who takes up the challenge feels deeply inwardly a new experience, even during the ascent, which will never be forgotten.

Gruppe über eine Holzbrücke

Throuh the forest


Mt Kilimanjaro. Tanzania is the home of the highest mountain in Africa. It is the snow-capped peak, which stands majestically at 5,985 m. And, if you're lucky, you can be seen from a great distance. Despite its altitude, physically fit people can climb the Kilimanjaro. You do not need mountaineering skills or special equipment. This increase can be made any time of the year, except during the rainy season from April to May we do not recommend this.

Achieving the peak is not the only goal: success is more in the quality of the experiment. Being closer to nature than you are used to, explore your own motivation and recognize your dependence on others.

After your return from Kilimanjaro, whether you have "success" or not, you know more about yourself, your strengths and weaknesses and your fellow human beings.


Mount Kilimanjaro