For many people, a safari should include a few nights under canvas, and this can be interpreted  and arranged in a myriad of different ways.In  Tanzania, you can book a private, mobile tent safari - as rural or as  luxurious as you want - or you can prefer the benefits of a  semi-permanent camp that is set up every season according to the  movement of animals across the plains.


All our safaris are  skilfully managed, and we guarantee that even the most knowledgeable of  you will learn one or two things along the way.Days are witnessed together, the miracles of the wilderness, a newly learned and deeply binding experience, worthwhile for young age.

Touristenpaar und Kinder am Fahrzeug

Surprisingly,  safaris in Tanzania are used for personal and private honeymoons as well as for the most valued family holidays. A true pleasure for animal  lovers, bird watchers nature lovers and someone who appreciates  luxurious pampering!





A Tanzania safari is something special whatever your age, budget, safari experience or your interests.This is a region of incredible natural beauty with some of the best and richest wildlife parks in the world


Almost 20% of this vast  and spectacular country is protected for the animal world, and it is  easy and rewarding to explore different landscapes within a vacation  route.Furthermore there are excellent places, fascinating animal worlds - a successful combination!

Tanzanian safaris can take many forms, and these depend on your interests and preferences.We specialize in providing you with the best safari experiences in  absolute comfort and style whatever style or type of accommodation you  want to integrate into your route.


Nights can also be spent under canvas in a luxury or simple camp in voluminous safari with their own built-in bathrooms.


In many lodges  you will get the best comfort for the duration of your stay as well as  the organizing to allow you one night or two alone in the wilderness  under an endless stereotyped sky.